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According to chakra-theory that originated from tantrism, chakras (chakra=wheel ) are functioning in the energetic-system of man as receivers, transformers and distributors of prana, the vital life-force.

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Tantra means "expanding force of imagination" and includes the body-sensations as a source of spiritual and psycho-physical experiencing and self-exploration. In other words, our capacity of visualisation is stimulated by the physical-sensual experience of the ongoing energy-transformation, which leads to an expansion of our consciousness.

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The seven principal Chakras

For simplification it is possible to focus on the seven main chakras. Each chakras corresponds to an essential psycho-physical aspect of man.

For example, the third chakra (the solar-plexus) corresponds to the element of fire, the colour yellow, and contains essential psycho-physical aspects of will-power, self-confidence, the formation of interactive structures with others and the outer world, social identification, the drive for power and achievement. If the third chakra is not functioning harmonically, the implications can include a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, inner discontent and restlessness, restricted self-realization and the suppression of emotions.

Chakras Therapy

Chakra-therapy involves experiencing, opening, developing and harmonizing the essential energy-potentials. The therapy stimulates different sensory-levels, like auditory and visual. It also addresses body-movement or special breathing techniques, to stimulate resonances in the corresponding chakra.

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The stimulation and guidance of imaginative-processes activate changes in consciousness. Western methods of psychotherapy can be connected with basic aspects of chakra-therapy in an effective way, such as guided imagination, cognitive hypnotherapy, gestalt-therapy and art-therapy.

The role of digital art in chakras therapy

Stimulation of the visual sense plays an important role in Chakras therapy, with visual images aiding the imaginative process. Power visual images are required that are not flawed by imperfections, which could distract the healing process. It is for this reason that Digital Art has been developed by Chakra healing practitioners and Psychologists. The computer, guided by a skilled artist, can produce sublime and flawless images, which when printed as high-quality art can be displayed in a way that contributes to a conducive healing environment.

role of digital art in chakras therapy

Chakras painting

Please note that the sample images on this webpage have been highly compressed for web publishing purposes. The sublime effect of the sharp and flowing original images are somewhat "lost in translation", for which we apologise. The original art is printed at very high resolution using professional printing technology onto a large canvas.