Computer Data Consultant

Providing expertise to forensic accountants and private investigators

Whilst David Pinnegar is known as an expert webmaster and marketing consultant and data analyst, in recent years becoming expert in spam filtering analysis and creation of spam filter algorithms. He has a training in Physics together with a career in computers in his background which he can apply to your advantage.

He trained in Physics and electronic engineering at Imperial College, London, and in addition to the restoration of Hammerwood for over 20 years, for ten years sorted out every conceivable computer malfunction that anyone could throw at him. He saw the progress of computers since Fortran and has a collection of machines dating back to the Commodore Pet and the first Macintosh signed by all the designers on the inside of the case. Professionally he tired of people whose hard disc had failed from old age, blaming him instead of themselves and who kept no backups nor installation discs for the genuine and pirate software they were relying on! So instead he applies his knowledge to whatever problems you might have requiring computer expertise in court.

A training in Physics is particularly helpful: not only does it teach analysis of experimental data gathered from the real world but it requires the testing of theory against reality. Ingrained in the training are

His skills of probabilistic data-analysis upon the philosphy of "find the assumption" has led him to success with linguistic approaches to spam filtering. He has developed a revolutionary new four lines of code which in themselves filter between 30% and 60% of all spam emails reliably. If used widely, the code will kill the spam email industry.

David's work at Hammerwood, at first sight, appears wholly unconnected but it broadened his experience in unexpected ways. It involved substantial litigation in which on the one hand he worked alongside lawyers for some years and on the other led him to the operation of road traffic counters and associated data analysis. A local residents' association employed his traffic data expertise on a local congestion problem and his evidence was crucial in getting traffic lights installed on a dangerous junction. His broad experience in property management and the building trade makes gives him a most versatile experience from which to approach problems requiring professional witness evidence.

Wide experience from which to advise you

  • Heritage and Tourism consultant: Marketing and Preservation A current project of general interest is Tourist policy and conservation in Menorca
  • Internet marketing: Website architecture, construction and psychology
  • Photography to achieve the psychological impact that your marketing needs
  • Computer data consultant analysis of computer systems and data

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    Alternatively call David on +44 (0) 1342 850594

    David Pinnegar lives in East Grinstead in Sussex, UK, and is experienced at working with geographically dispersed teams and across time zones.

    An associate of Info Team and an expert webmaster and marketing consultant to tourist information service Latroba, David helps clients with the marketing of business and vacation rental properties. David also optimises the webpages of consultants, start-ups, and small businesses for search engine success, after first conducting a review of their strategic plan and advising on the re-alignment of resources and marketing communications as necessary.

    David is aware that SPAM emails can seriously impede the work of consultants who depend on efficient on-line services to conduct their business. Therefore David subscribes to Antespam Anti-Spam and enjoys email as it was in the days before SPAM.