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Whilst David Pinnegar is known for technical skills, he has been taking photographs since an early age. As Head of Photography at school as a teenager he specialised in architecture, antiques and candid portraits, which combined with an interest in psychology. He uses that experience, for instance, to use imagery to make a point for his websites for his clients, often using surroundings symbolically. He loves to capture the unusual view
aerial view of horses grazing in field
or the symbolism of the moment.
girl floating on wave in sea
romantic photo of girl surfing in wave

For instance . . . to express privacy, in the marketing of a
girl in swimming costume at private beach
private beach restaurant, or on a tourism consultancy assignment, to express the opinion that a political decision to throw people out of work was about to step over the edge with
someone about to step over the edgeBureau-crazy Bureaucracy. He often uses photography to promote environmental tourism such as in Mallorca where the reality differs from the popular misconception of the island.

After studying physics at Imperial College, flirting with lasers and holography, his love of the heritage led him back to architectural photography again.
Delian Temple of Apollo in UK
His contacts with the film world acquaint him with current fashions, whether in historical documentaries, marketing for Prada or for Beckham pop-videos.

spooky film location, spooky woman wafting in wood swimming costume girl in golden light

As well as standard standard technical commercial photographs he has his eye open always for unusual subjects,
aircraft vapour trails from 3000ftaerial view of water-skiersunset from aircraftcars at Gatwick Airport
such as a woodworm in the course of crawling out of a hole
woodworm emerging from hole
(All photos on this site are copyright . . . )
He likes using photography to build visual imagery whether in the south of France

or at Hydra, Antibes, Old Nice (ignore the interiors which were taken by the client!) or Menorca where a good tourist policy is required.


aerial photography particularly when of educational value

especially when he can get the photograph in his photo library to match up with a client's property on the ground

and extends his interest in

landscape and preservation. Sometimes uses the light of a full moon:

Wide experience from which to advise you

  • Heritage and Tourism consultant: Marketing and Preservation A current project of general interest is Tourist policy and conservation in Menorca
  • Internet marketing: Website architecture, construction and psychology
  • Photography to achieve the psychological impact that your marketing needs
  • Computer data consultant analysis of computer systems and data

    Contact Information

    You can contact David Pinnegar by email

    Alternatively call David on +44 (0) 1342 850594

    David Pinnegar lives in East Grinstead in Sussex, UK, and is experienced at working with geographically dispersed teams and across time zones.

    An associate of Info Team and an expert webmaster and marketing consultant to tourist information service Latroba, David helps clients with the marketing of business and vacation rental properties. David also optimises the webpages of consultants, start-ups, and small businesses for search engine success, after first conducting a review of their strategic plan and advising on the re-alignment of resources and marketing communications as necessary.

    David is aware that SPAM emails can seriously impede the work of consultants who depend on efficient on-line services to conduct their business. Therefore David subscribes to Antespam Anti-Spam and enjoys email as it was in the days before SPAM.