Large House rental in Baghdad

11 bedroom house to rent in secure area ideal for Embassy use or corporate employees or contractors' accommodation, in total around 1500 sq.m.

Surrounded by gardens and guarded by troops in a safety zone, this house appears to be a rare and valuable opportunity as a corporate base or for secure employee accommodation.

The house has a swimming pool which is essential for comfort . . .

and ample accomodation inside:

and as well as pleasant terraces outside

The principal feature of this house is its unique and secure location convenient for the Indian Embassy and possibly the Turkish and Italian embassies with direct access to the airport.

It is in protected area where no person or vehicle is allowed to come close unless by the approval of the Multinational Forces.

"The house is connected with the green zone and the airport with a highway so there is no problem to go to the airport and for example no one here attack the american cars"

"The way to the airport depend now if the one who rent the house has the authority to enter the green zone so then he can go with the highway to the airport or the americans open a one closed street but for me now i can go to the airport with highway but in the middle of the way i have to leave the highway for 3 km then i come back to the highway "

"The americans made a special small road only to my house its about 40 m long & they told me that they will cover it with cement".

The webmaster has been sent a photograph of a concrete wall built to military standards which assists the protection of the property. This house appears to be uniquely suitable for providing as high security accommodation for civilians as is possible in Baghdad, but obviously prospective tenants should make their own enquiries.

Situated on a plot of 6000 sq. m. the house is of 1500 sq. m. and furnished to a high quality. Staff accommodation includes an additional house especially designed for maids and drivers as well as another for the gardener / farmer, in total providing around 11 bedrooms, 6 in the main house and 5 bathrooms.

All rooms are cooled via 14 air conditioners with a central heating system for the upper floor

The swimming pool is heated

The house is excellently equipped with communications with

There are kennels for dogs

There is a 7000 liter container for gasoline or petrol and a garage for four cars.

National electricity is rarely shut down but there is a 5KW generator.

The house contains a 35 sq m basement

The garden of the house contains a large number of fruitful palm and citrus trees


120,000$ per annum

If you are interested, please email

Tony Blair has been mercilessly criticised for his part in the war in Iraq. He holidays in Tuscany where depictions of the Last Judgment will have influenced him. During the time of Saddam Hussein, if you had ice-cream in your house in Baghdad, you would be beheaded. Ice creams are allowed in Iraq now!
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