Spam blocking: how we can stop spam emails for you successfully


Our server is extremely efficient at blocking spam. We work on the principle that spam stopping should not hinder wanted business emails arriving.

Over the month of April 2003 approximately 10000 emails were processed and of these around 5000 were identified as spam. Among those, only 1 in 5000 was misdiagnosed. All spam is stored on the server and deleted manually, so that we can check on its performance and retrieve any wanted emails if necessary. Emails are not automatically binned and lost before a manual check is made. Unless the email is of a known Spam type, the sender is notified that their email has been caught as spam and given a means of contacting the recipient so that their mail can get through if intended. Most spammers give a false return address and so never receive our notification . . . but the 1 in 5000 for whom the notification is important will receive it . . . During August we achieved a target of 1 in 10,000.

For individuals and small numbers of people, we provide a simple spam blocking solution . . .

You simply

  1. get your existing email account to divert email to an address for you on our server . . . from where you can either
  2. You give your old email address as the return address for all your emails . . . so everything comes through the filter . . .
  3. Or you can give your as your return address, which transmits the message that spam won't get through to you

How much does it cost?

Just £70 per year. There are some services which are free. Big internet providers say they do it . . . free . . . but our experience of other people blocking spam is bad . . . very bad . . . so we prefer to give the task of blocking spam personal attention and our modest charge is very good value. Please click here to contact us about blocking spam from your email and here for some information about the driving force behind our services.

How successful is the filter?

Unlike large companies who use the crudest of methods which are next to useless and extremely annoying, we use an individually tailored variation on a very standard system. It is constantly honed and modified on a daily basis to account for any (rare) errors over the previous day. We have discovered how to discriminate increasingly sharply between genuine emails and spam and we exaggerate and amplify the differences, which makes our system extremely effective. Emails are screened for around 600 factors. These include technological factors and linguistics. Spammers play a game of cat and mouse with the spam blockers but increasingly our spam-blocker succeeds.

Proper spam blocking means working at it . . . and the result is most worthwhile.

Because we see hundreds of spam emails every day, as soon as one evades the filters, a further factor is introduced and it gets increasingly difficult for the spam to get through. The result of this is that very very few spam emails get through . . . and at the same time our success rate of transmitting genuine emails exceeds 99.99% - 9999 out of 10,000 transmitted with just 1 in 10,000 genuine emails misdiagnosed. That's better than most! The mistake rate of about 1 in 10,000 is at up to 100 times better than anyone else's service. Of other services Spamcop is founded upon a sound algorithm . . . and we support the Spamcop service with mail traps which report spammers automatically to them. But our content filtering system blocks spam before Spamcop gets enough spam reports - so we are better . . . But after examining a lot of spam emails, we often find that Spamcop has identified the sources and applied blocks for users of their service.

How exactly does our spam blocker work?

Well I'm not going to tell you that on a webpage because the spammers will be just as curious about our spam blocking techniques. Our techniques include not only standard technical tests but also a psychological analysis. This helps to set a bias on our filters so that we can confidently err towards transmission rather than rejection and then derive further clues from a constant monitoring of any errors.

This is how big companies, who should know better provide a service and fail, and give spam blocking a bad name

If you are interested in having your emails filtered effectively, whether personally or for your company, please contact us and if you would like we will show you the dumping box for rejected emails . . . from which you will see how extraordinarily successful our system is . . . and we hope that our Stop Spam service will save you hours in dealing with email.

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